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Perfect Wellness Associates With Franchise India For Expansion In Delhi-ncr_1_2_3

New Delhi, October 6th, 2010: Perfect Wellness is the healthcare division of FX group which is situated at a prime location on main Mathura road in Faridabad. The company is counted as the finest and the most reputed healthcare (dental, eye and optical care) service offering in the category starting with focused attention in the NCR region.

Perfect Wellness is a chain of healthcare centers, which has clubbed eye care and nascent dental care services under one franchise roof, to provide diverse healthcare solutions to its patrons. Backed by the renowned FX group, Perfect Wellness offers a range of clinic formats for superior quality dental care and optical services. Some salient offerings of the optical division are lenses, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, eye wear accessories wherein the services are inclusive of specialist eye testing, contact lens wear & care, general eye care advice, and spectacle & sunglasses repair .Dental care treatments starting from routine scaling & fillings to orthodontic, prosthodontic and pedodontic treatments to treatment of fractured jaws and other oral surgeries, Perfect Wellness does it all by getting associated with Franchise India which builds a detailed rollout expansion for them.

According to Ankit Agarwal, Director – FX Group, We are optimistic that this association with Franchise India would immensely benefit us by utilizing their expertise and knowledge in setting up the franchise model and marketing services for our brand.

Commenting on this occasion, Mr. Gaurav Marya, President, Franchise India, said We are proud to be associated with Perfect Wellness and provide our consultation, services and expertise to help them establishing and expanding their business model.

The total Indian franchise market estimates at US$7.2 billion and is poised to reach an astounding US$20 billion by 2013, growing at the rate of 38% per annum in India.

Retail Opportunity Across Metro Cities In India _1_2_3_4_5

India has some of the fastest growing metros in the world, making it a preferred destination for leading retail giants from across the globe. As the organized retail industry in India undergoes an unprecedented growth trajectory, buoyed by the strong economy, many Tier II and Tier III are on an ascending curve, making great strides, parallel to the development in the retail segment. India has an interesting mix of maturing metros, metros on the growth lane and metros in the making, providing ample space to retailers, who want to test the waters of an ocean that the Indian retail industry has become.

Metros like Delhi and Mumbai are on the verge of maturation, almost at par with the leading metros in the world. With the highest number of households belonging to the most affluent segment of Indians living in these two metros, retailers of top-end luxury products are putting their money here. This segment contributes around 30 % of Indias total organized retail revenue. With an eye on this class, luxury retail brands are gradually moving out from the cozy confines of five-star hotels to the streets as stand-alone outlets. Due to congestion and lack of space, small time retailers running mom-and-pop outlets in these residential suburbs are moving out, giving way to organized retail formats like the neighborhood supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Then, there are metros on the fast lane, trying to catch up with the maturing metros. A considerable number of the middle class population with high disposable incomes lives in these metros, making them an ideal destination that can accommodate and sustain different retail verticals and formats. These cities are perfect testing grounds for retail companies planning to introduce new products or open innovative formats in the market.

And, last but not the least, there are metros-in-the-making, where retailers can benefit with the first mover advantage, to gain a foothold in the market. Most of these Tier II and Tier III cities, with its low rentals and proximity to farms for agricultural products, provide abundant opportunities for retailers dealing in food and grocery, consumer durables and apparels.

The Indian retail industry is as diverse as its regions, culture and people.

Franchising Today

The financial climate is one where there are many uncertainties; this has been the case since around 2008, when the markets crashed. During this initial period we saw many things happening. There were many closures of well known high street brands, property prices plummeted, many people were made redundant and employment opportunities suddenly dried up.
With this crash we saw another thing emerge, quite interestingly people that could not find work decided to create it themselves and start up in business.
There are various routes to doing this, but in this article we will discuss one of the routes that is proven and is an effective business model that can be used by those wishing to be their own boss but.
The route we are of course referring to is that of Franchising. Franchising offers many benefits to setting up an entire new brand, for example the product or service you choose to franchise will have already been established in the market perhaps even internationally and this will afford a degree of legitimacy when setting up your franchise. They will also be able to offer sales assistance and general guidance on you successfully selling their brand to your regional market.

There are many rewards to be gained from owning a franchise, not to mention being your own boss.
But what do I need to consider first?

Your first consideration should be to decide the kind of business opportunities that interest you, if you are going to run a business successfully then it helps that the product or service is something that interests you. For example a golf enthusiast looking to go into franchising would in theory enjoy and be enthusiastic about a golf related franchise business.
It is always advisable to seek advice from a franchise lawyer with franchise law experience this is because they will be able to provide legal guidance and business knowledge on the aspects of franchising

Many different kinds of companies provide franchise rights, and many countries have their own franchise associations.

The benefit of franchising a business is it helps with growth of an organisation, in a relatively short period, if you have a viable product or service and are looking for market coverage then given the current financial climate there are more and more people willing to start up in business and as such the franchising sector is flourishing. Indeed many people who have been made redundant have chosen to invest their redundancy money in a franchise business.

However before embarking on such a venture you should always take advise franchise lawfrom franchise lawyer

Enlist The Help Of A Franchising Solicitor When Costing An Opportunity

Franchising can be a relatively straightforward way of conducting business and the idea itself appears quite simple. Nevertheless many people consider the use of a specialist franchising solicitor to help them ascertain whether or not the process is suited to them. Not only this, but legal assistance can help prevent people from falling down any franchising pitfalls.

One of the biggest issues with many franchises is the cost involved. While some are invariably cheaper than others, some franchises cost many thousands of pounds to invest in. While a franchising solicitor has many skills and tasks they can perform, they can certainly help in the area of finance as well.

For instance they will be able to look at what is offered with each franchise you have found. They will be able to tell you whether each one offers good value for money and is a solid opportunity. Put simply, the more you know about each franchise beforehand, the more likely it is that you can assess whether or not you have found the ideal one for you. This alone reduces the chances of a franchising dispute from occurring later on, should you decide to opt for the franchise.

It may be easy to assume that a more expensive franchise offers more for your money. But this is not necessarily the case. For example your franchising solicitor may look through the paperwork and find there are a few holes and question marks that need answering. In contrast a cheaper franchise may be more attractive for many reasons, and not just because of the money. If there are issues it is best to get them dealt with before a franchising dispute has a chance of cropping up.

As you can see, the role of a franchising solicitor is a wide ranging one. It is not limited merely to the financial side of things, although this does have an effect on the overall situation. Franchising costs should always be borne in mind, but they form just one part of any particular franchise. By focusing on all areas with the help of a qualified solicitor in this area, you can decide whether to invest your money into any particular franchise you find.

Food Cart Businesses In The Philippines_1_2_3_4

Small businesses such as food cart businesses had become a very popular type of business in the Philippines. Part of the reason why is because of its affordability compared to other businesses, as well as its lower maintenance. This is the reason why the franchise industry of the Philippines had grown massively and has now given the Philippines the recognition as the franchise hub of Asia.

Food Cart Businesses in the Philippines
There have been a number of popular food carts found in almost every part of the Philippines. Popular foods sold in these small businesses usually involve those that are quick and easy to prepare such as siomais (dumplings), kwek-kwek (boiled fertilized duck egg wrapped in orange-colored breading), tokneneng (boiled quail eggs wrapped in orange-colored breading), fish balls, squid balls, and other popular street foods, such as burgers, friend noodles, shawarmas, and many more.

Because of the Filipinos love for food, small businesses such as food stall businesses became a successful hit for many Filipino entrepreneurs. And it was also because of this that the franchise industry had started to offer franchises for their food cart businesses, allowing more Filipinos the chance to start their own food cart businesses.

Benefits of Franchise Businesses
The advantage of franchise businesses compared to starting a business from the ground-up is that franchisees had the advantage of starting up quickly based on a proven trademark, and the tooling and infrastructure as opposed to developing them. The success of the franchisor is also the success of its franchisees.

As for the franchisors, the advantage of franchising is that it allows them to expand their business or brand through building chain stores while avoiding any investment and liability over a chain.

These advantages and benefits, along with affordability and profitability, franchised food cart businesses became a popular trend in the Philippines. However, other than the growing numbers of new business opportunities in the Philippines, another reason why businesses had become very popular in the Philippines is because of the financial support that many from the private sector had offered, such as Small business loans Philippines.

Supporting the Filipino People
BPI, one of the many banks in the Philippines known for its financial assistance services, had introduced another loaning service which aims to provide financial assistance for Filipino entrepreneurs in their efforts of starting a new business, or by franchising a popular food cart business. This is with their Ka-Negosyo Small business loans Philippines services.

With their Small business loans Philippines, many Filipinos can now have the chance to start their own small business to assist them in their lives, or to franchise a successful business which will allow them to rise up in society and live comfortably with their businesses.

Advantages Of Franchise Businesses In The Philippines_1_2_3_4_5_6_7

Franchising is a popular trend in the Philippines today, and one of the many reasons as to why it gained a lot of popularity among Filipinos is because of its many opportunities. Here are some of those:

Quick ROI (Return of Investment)
One of the many popular benefits of franchise business Philippines is because of its faster ROI or Return of Investment compared to start-up businesses. Part of the reason why is because franchised businesses have already established a name in the market which makes them reliable in their market, unlike that of starting a business from the ground-up which would take a lot of time and effort.

Successful Business
In addition to its faster ROI, another reason why franchising became popular in the Philippines is because of its successful business model. According to business experts, the main advantage of franchising is that it allows its owners to start up quickly based on an already proven trademark, which is unlike that of starting their own business from scratch.

Lesser Maintenance Efforts
One of the reason why franchise business in the Philippines had gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines is because of its lesser maintenance efforts, particularly for food-cart or food-stall businesses. The reason why is that all of its marketing efforts as well as branding had been arranged by its franchisor. Some franchisors in the Philippines would even offer their services to register their franchisees business and arrange all its legal papers. This makes it easier for Filipinos to start their business quickly.

Another popular reason why franchise businesses had gained a lot of popularity in the country, particularly with food-cart or food-stall businesses in the Philippines. Because of hundreds of franchising companies in the Philippines that offer different brands of franchise businesses, particularly food-cart businesses, Filipinos have the freedom to choose which business suits their passion. Such as if with foods, Filipinos can choose from a wide variety of food-stuffs.

Business Loans
In addition to other benefits, business loans are also the reason why franchise businesses had gained a lot of popularity. A popular example is Ka-Negosyo by BPI.

Ka-Negosyo can offer flexible business loans which offers its clients choices of which plans can accommodate their franchise business Philippines needs, allowing it to cover the franchise cost itself, as well as its overhead expenses, such as its legal papers and registration, rent for its location, as well as its construction (if needed).

Bigger And Better Franchise India 2010_1_2_3_4_5_6_7

After 7 successful seasons of their flagship show, Franchise India is back for the 8th time with Franchise India 2010 to provide a platform for highly evolved prospects & qualified investors and entrepreneurs from across India, neighboring countries and delegations from other parts of the world to meet face-to-face with some of the most accomplished business ideas, attend unparalleled business summits & seminars and learn more about India and fast growing MSME industry in India. With over 300 International & Indian brands, 25,000 business buyers, and unique business & financial solutions, one word that would sum up the show is Opportunities.

Whether one is looking to grow their franchise network in Indian market, collaborate with International business concepts, take their concept internationally or supply to the franchise, retail and small business community, the Franchise India Exposition promises to be the biggest business spectacle offering enormous opportunity that will encompass all facets of Franchising, Retailing and Licensing assorting Franchise Expo, Retailer 2010 surrounding the Fashion zone, Food zone, Jewellery Zone, Retailer supply zone, Market place expo & Brand Licensing zone in addition to International Franchise Expo and SME India Expo. A few prominent brands participating are Reliance industries Ltd, Adidas, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd, Arvind brands ltd, Chabbra 555, Ddamas, Eureka Forbes, HCL technologies, ICICI Bank Ltd, Jet Airways, Sony India Pvt ltd, Travelport and many more.

A combination of opportunity and knowledge will be packed in an all-inclusive Conference Programs on the subject matter of Small business franchise, retail, real estate and brand licensing. Structured in a well rounded Entrepreneurship Summit, Brand Licensing 2010 Conference, Franchise Knowledge Series and Retail Knowledge Series, the forum addresses multiple key issues pertaining to business growth and evolution. Gathering established national and international experts imparting their ideas and sharing vast experience, the forum brings together over 100 eminent speakers including over 30 international speakers like Rod Young (DC Strategy Australia), Paulo Cesar (Global Franchise, Brazil), Jonathan Chad (Leathes Prior Solicitors, UK), Severin Zhilinskis (UAB Advanced Advice, Luthania), Kit Brinkley (World Franchise Associates, UK), Martin Vrochstrein (LIMA) amongst many others.

Franchise Awards are Indias topmost honor in Franchising, recognizing the best of best in franchising in the Indian marketplace. Now, returning in its eighth consecutive year, the Franchise Awards are the industrys most recognized and most powerful stage to celebrate the excellence and inspires the next generation franchisors. Back in its 5th year to celebrate and acknowledge the excellence in retail, the night will also see Star Retail Awards which will accolade innovations within the sector.

Welcome to the world of New Opportunities, New trends, New Faces, New Lateral Thinking! Welcome to Franchise India 2010!

For further information, please contact:
Franchises India: Madhulika D Singh I Sr Manager – PR & Corporate Communications I 09999747048 I [emailprotected] , Ruchika Malhotra I Manager – PR & Corporate Communications I 09899476051 I [emailprotected]

Kfc Franchise – What You Need To Know

A KFC franchise is just part of the umbrella of the Yum Brands empire. Yum Brands is the largest restaurant franchise system in the world. KFC franchises are located in over 80 countries worldwide and have sister franchises like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and A&W.

There are quite a few advantages of being part of the Yum Brands family however, owning a KFC franchise may not be right for you.

First and foremost, any potential franchisee must be prepared to own more than one franchise. Therefore, if you want to open a KFC, you’re also most likely going to need to open another franchise in the same location. That’s why you see so many groups of fast food stores in the same location. A good idea would be to consider owning multiple franchises on multiple sites.

Yum Brands has quite a reputation for having ambitious business owners as their franchise owners. To be considered on their “good list”, you’re going to have to own at least three KFC franchises. In fact, ambitious franchise owners will get help from Yum Brands on building up their franchises.

The upfront cost to get into a KFC franchise is why so many people do not qualify for this particular franchise. Go ahead and plan on spending 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 to start up your KFC franchise and partner brand franchise. Furthermore, your net worth has to be above 1 million and you have to have liquid assets of at least $360,000. On top of that, you must have experience in the food service industry or least your partner must have that experience.

Plan on spending at least a year going through the whole process from start to finish. If you qualify based on their requirements, you will meet with the Yum Brands leadership to see if the relationship would be a good one for both parties involved. Then there would be the work finding a site and all that other fun stuff.

Bottom line is owning a KFC franchise can be very profitable and a very solid investment even if you can qualify for the high demands of buying a KFC franchise.

Karma Technologies Gets Associated With Francorp For Its Major Franchise Expansion In Tier- 2 And Ti_1_2_3_4

Karma E-Shop, a dream project from Karma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Has join hands with Francorp, unsurpassed leader of the Franchise Consulting Industry globally, a part of Franchise India Group for its overall franchise development program.

With 12 years of experience the company is backed by highly experienced and professional people in Web Technologies & Internet Business. KarmaEShop serve the best in e -commerce Business, mostly in US as well as in India. The single mantra, money is just a by product of rendering good service is rigorously followed by the corporation. With Francorp on board, Karma Technologies will widen its overall franchise development program.

Karma Technologies Private Limited major vertical, namely Karma E-shop provides services to build the websites for the customers, along with full web portals. This service is mainly targeted at Small & Medium businesses, Bloggers and professionals, Non-profit organizations and Educational institutions. It offers the technology, training, handholding and sales kit required to help franchisees/ agents simplify and make the website selling process very effective. The service includes Website, Hosting, Email, and Domain name, Add-on Features for the website, Mobile website, newsletters and Website maintenance. Apart from this, Karma Technologies aims to open another subsidiary corporation by the name of Karma E-zone which will provide coaching to the prospective students by offering various web-related modules: SEO, PHP, .NET, CMS, Web Design and Server administration, Mobile Application Development and Linux Administration.

Mr. Neeraj Mahajan, CEO, Karma E-shop stated We facilitate best feature for website designing and development with the facility of search engine optimization. Karma E-shop is looking for expanding its wings to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with the route of franchising. I am happy to associate with Francorp for the intact franchise development program. I believe it is the opportunity of a lifetime, as franchising allows phenomenal growth opportunities.

India has an internet user base of over 100 million users. It has been observed that Indias e-commerce market was worth about $2.5 billion in 2009. The industry is on the growth curve and experiencing a spurt in growth. I am pleased to get associated with Karma Technologies for its franchise development program. Francorp will leverage the entire strategic planning, consulting, legal documentation, marketing materials, operation manuals and training programs for Karma Technologies states Mr. Gaurav Marya, Managing Director, Francorp.

About Francorp
Since its inception in 1976, Francorp has been the unsurpassed leader of the Franchise Consulting Industry globally. Over the years, Francorp based out of Chicago, has assisted companies in virtually every market segment with its patented processes and unmatched expertise. The clients include companies like Bridgestone, XEROX, Shell Oil, Hallmark Cards, Encyclopedia Britannica, Mad Science Group, Pollo Camperio, Ace Hardware, BP, Fruehauf, and Gant, to name a few. In India, Francorp has associated with Franchise India Holdings Ltd. and has coalesced in an experience of 34 years.

For media enquiries, please contact: Ruchika Malhotra| PR & Corporate Communications Manager| 09311911705| [emailprotected]|For more information, kindly visit:

A Daily Deal Software Franchise_1

First, let us look at the bright product deal website services. The shiny item solutions, like Daily Deal Builder, are basically sequence business owners who offer use of their groundwork by other people/companies in come back for ongoing expenses in one way or another. The application is certified out; this is different from certification out a recognized product name and promoting the same products as the mother or father,but I believe you can think of daily deal program solutions as the submission vehicle for provides. In that sensation, the shiny item organization is type of like the methods features of conventional features, right?

Some deal websites have RSS or XML for that can be parsed by other deal websites,which means a deal web page can usually mixture and offer items offered on another deal site’s web page. Frequently, deal online marketers are contacted not only by providers looking to offer products on a deal website,but also by other deal sites looking to offer their provides on your deal web page.

Lets look at, one of the first daily deal gamers on the landscape, from way back in 2004. For decades they continuously provided one deal per day,and drove tons of traffic and lots of sales with their original and entertaining copy; and of course their great deals. Now, recently Woot went into a kinda semi-franchise mode,in that they now offer many different daily deals under a variety of subdomains. This is generally sub domain franchising if you will and is fairly awesome.

But lets go further and drill down into niche deal sites. Say I run a deal site in Atlanta called Atlantas Best Darn Deals Ever and I start really rocking the Atlanta deal space and grow my organization really well, and now I want to expand.

How do I expand?

I have a few solutions. I can add places to my deal website. I can add sub domains to my deal website sector. I can set up a whole new deal website. I can document my item to another person for an enhance fee and chronic advantage separates. I can certificate my technological innovation and techniques. There are lots of opportunities.

McDonalds and many other premade foods cosine places seem to have mastered the art of franchising,and in the World Wide Web we are just beginning to offer easy information.

How do you see franchising on the internet?

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