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Haidilao Apologized To The Consumers_1

News from the website eastday has it that on August 24 news, Haidilao, one of the most influential hot-pot companies has apologized to the customers for blending the broth. It was exposed that both the bone soup and beverages served in the restaurants were all produced by blending some mixture with water. The move was joked by consumers as “Haidilao has become the first company closely following the example of Ajisen Ramen.” Haidilao, in its official website, has released a new statement explaining “why the bone soup it serves is not made by originally boiling the bone ” and made an apology to consumers.
“Our company has nearly 60 stores, and in order to make stable and secure foods available to customers, we use modern means of industrial production and intend to ensure product quality of the product with a scaled and standardized producing process.
As to a pot company with many franchising restaurants, modern large-scale production method has been used instead of the traditional processing model, and this makes the large company quite different from those ordinary businesses and home-scale business. Haidilao again put the declaration on its website, publishing an article entitled “Explanation on issues raising concerned from media and customers . This time it is not taboo for the company to admit that the broth is not made by boiling the bone originally.
Haidilao has never made any official propaganda that the broth it serves is made by boiling the bone and if we have mislead the consumers, we apologize for our mistakes”. This is the most official reply made by the company up to now. However, some consumers hold that compared to the seriousness of the problem, this is only a “superficial” apology.
Several food companies have been involved in scandals of quality of foods served, both domestic companies and foreign companies and it is high time for the relevant government bodies to reflect on their duty: is it a basic right for the ordinary citizens to enjoy true and secure foods in a civilized society? The reason why foreign companies have changed their marketing strategies as far as food security problems are concerned is also an important issue that can not be neglected.

Construction Franchise – What Do You Need To Start One_1_2

The construction industry took a big hit when the recent economic crisis hit the United States. Fortunately, it looks like the worst of it is over and businesses are starting to get on their feet. The need for construction businesses is growing, and it’s never been a better time to start a construction franchise.

Whether you’re a tradesman looking to branch out on his own or a former business owner who’s ready to get back in the saddle, opening a construction franchise is an excellent way to begin working for yourself. You can own your own business, but benefit from the experience and reputation of others who have gone before you.

Whether you’re a tradesman or a general contractor, you must first decide whether you want your construction franchise to be focused on a specific trade or whether you maybe want to leave the door open for other services and expansion in the future.

And tell your friends, family, and people you’ve worked with in the past about your new construction franchise. It’s a great way to get references to possible clients, as well as possible employees. Maybe some of your old coworkers are dissatisfied with their current jobs and would love to come and work for you.

Before you get started, though, make sure that you’ve got all of your financial ducks in a row. You’re going to need to pay franchising fees, hire employees, and rent out a space for your new construction franchise. Set a budget for your business and stick to it.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got enough money saved up to support yourself while you’re waiting for your construction franchise to take off. Make sure you have enough to last you a good, long while; you never know how long it’s going to take, and you just can’t rush success.

Your investment in your construction franchise is more than just money, though. You’re also going to have to invest time and effort. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make your business a success, but it’s possible if you do your best.

Whether you want to build offices, new homes, or even just work on remodeling and renovating old homes, there is plenty of demand now for all of these industry niches. With a good understanding of the industry and a little hard work, your construction franchise is sure to give you plenty of return on your investment.

Bigger And Better Franchise India 2010_1_2_3_4

After 7 successful seasons of their flagship show, Franchise India is back for the 8th time with Franchise India 2010 to provide a platform for highly evolved prospects & qualified investors and entrepreneurs from across India, neighboring countries and delegations from other parts of the world to meet face-to-face with some of the most accomplished business ideas, attend unparalleled business summits & seminars and learn more about India and fast growing MSME industry in India. With over 300 International & Indian brands, 25,000 business buyers, and unique business & financial solutions, one word that would sum up the show is Opportunities.

Whether one is looking to grow their franchise network in Indian market, collaborate with International business concepts, take their concept internationally or supply to the franchise, retail and small business community, the Franchise India Exposition promises to be the biggest business spectacle offering enormous opportunity that will encompass all facets of Franchising, Retailing and Licensing assorting Franchise Expo, Retailer 2010 surrounding the Fashion zone, Food zone, Jewellery Zone, Retailer supply zone, Market place expo & Brand Licensing zone in addition to International Franchise Expo and SME India Expo. A few prominent brands participating are Reliance industries Ltd, Adidas, Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd, Arvind brands ltd, Chabbra 555, Ddamas, Eureka Forbes, HCL technologies, ICICI Bank Ltd, Jet Airways, Sony India Pvt ltd, Travelport and many more.

A combination of opportunity and knowledge will be packed in an all-inclusive Conference Programs on the subject matter of Small business franchise, retail, real estate and brand licensing. Structured in a well rounded Entrepreneurship Summit, Brand Licensing 2010 Conference, Franchise Knowledge Series and Retail Knowledge Series, the forum addresses multiple key issues pertaining to business growth and evolution. Gathering established national and international experts imparting their ideas and sharing vast experience, the forum brings together over 100 eminent speakers including over 30 international speakers like Rod Young (DC Strategy Australia), Paulo Cesar (Global Franchise, Brazil), Jonathan Chad (Leathes Prior Solicitors, UK), Severin Zhilinskis (UAB Advanced Advice, Luthania), Kit Brinkley (World Franchise Associates, UK), Martin Vrochstrein (LIMA) amongst many others.

Franchise Awards are Indias topmost honor in Franchising, recognizing the best of best in franchising in the Indian marketplace. Now, returning in its eighth consecutive year, the Franchise Awards are the industrys most recognized and most powerful stage to celebrate the excellence and inspires the next generation franchisors. Back in its 5th year to celebrate and acknowledge the excellence in retail, the night will also see Star Retail Awards which will accolade innovations within the sector.

Welcome to the world of New Opportunities, New trends, New Faces, New Lateral Thinking! Welcome to Franchise India 2010!

For further information, please contact:
Franchises India: Madhulika D Singh I Sr Manager – PR & Corporate Communications I 09999747048 I [emailprotected] , Ruchika Malhotra I Manager – PR & Corporate Communications I 09899476051 I [emailprotected]

China Fast Food Set For Stupendous Growth_1_2_3_4_5_6

According to our research report China Fast Food Market Analysis, China is the second leader in terms of fast food consuming markets after the US. On the back of large consumer base and increasingly changing food appetite, the domestic fast food industry in China has been witnessing tremendous growth. Presently, the country accommodates over 150 fast food chains and 3-4 Million stores. Moreover, with the changing consumer preferences, rising income levels, increase in young population, and the availability of standardized food, the domestic fast food industry in China is expected to surge at a CAGR of around 13% during 2011-2014.

The ongoing analysis identifies that the high growth in the industry is attracting both domestic and international players. Foreign fast food chains, such as McDonalds, Papa John, Domino, and KFC are expanding their fast food operations in China, targeting China as a key market to increase their fast food revenue. Besides, the report gives detail analysis of the prevailing trends, such as food flavor and franchising route in the industry. It is expected that these trends will continue to grow in future on the back of huge untapped opportunities in both the sectors.

China Fast Food Market Analysis provides an exhaustive research and rational analysis on the fast food market in China. This extensive research will help the clients to identify market trends and evaluate the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the fast food market in the country. It presents an overview on the various factors driving the fast food market, together with the forces that are blocking its growth.

This research supplements the past and current information on the Chinese fast food industry with forecast on various important industry aspects, including the market size of fast food industry. The report also provides extensive information on the countrys fast food market, besides discussing the growing segments, such as Noodle market, Pizza market, and snack food market. Facts and figures regarding market size, growth, share, and trends in technology development have been thoroughly analyzed in the report to provide clients a comprehensive overview of the market.

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Back To Basic Food Patronage Through Franchising

Passing by that new techie shop with their all-new phone brand displayed on their window, you can not resist checking out your savings account and see if you could possibly buy one. But wait, on the way you heard the growling within your stomach. Well, no doubt, you go directly for the nearest fast food chain in the location and grab that piece of cheeseburger that suits your taste. This is exactly the explanation why food franchising is being increasingly more hit and prosperous all over the world.

Food stuff is a important commodity. Eating is unavoidable. That is certainly why considering of new goods to advertise in the market can be difficult; but thinking of that fundamental commodity that humans cannot live without and turning it into whatever stylish may be profitable, and ensure longevity. Particularly that food is the first on the checklist when we discuss hang-out, salary pay, and celebrations.

Palatable fashion sense is king. The availability of major points of innovation and alteration in existing recipes; and experimenting with the peoples taste buds brought in a number of product franchises to consider from.

1. Fashion Fruit. There is actually a whole lot of dishes and palatable goodies that can be created out from the abundant fruits. Artistically presented fruit shakes, organic fruits, fruit salad, dried fruits, spread, jelly and jams are in demand despite a range of brands.

2. Meaty Rolls with a Twist. This involves majority of those available in kiosks and food stores i.e., hotdog on-stick, roll or sandwich, short meal toppings, and balls.

3. Cafe and Latte Culture. Coffee culture has pointed out the value of coffee to the human body. Coffee product made its way for the customers diet and caters the needs of young professionals and has become a part of their routine.

Food is a reasonable investment. Beginning up your own food business may be costly with all preliminary ingredients, resources, and quota to be attained. What’s perfect with franchising is that the parent corporation shoulders initial stock and provision of such equipment and ready-made recipe which has a investment that could be as low as 25,000 to 35,000 pesos. Even all those with low socio-economic status can grow to be entrepreneurs.

Safe and authentic product via franchising is guaranteed. Food trade is very technical and complex since it also deals with sanitary criteria and health assurance. With franchising, the franchisee absorbs an already tested system of business plan which has conducted its own sanitary practices and has been accepted legally. Additionally, operational requirements can also be acquired with the companys support.

The PFA (Philippine Franchise Association) states that 43% of franchising in the country covers food franchising. It grew by nearly 450% from only 78 systems in 1995 to almost 430 nowadays. This shows that food business is the most sought-after business plan; and it is by no means too late for you to engage in one.

Kanda Optical Franchise Available In Different Parts Of Canada

Kanda Opticals one of the top store for opticals shopping in your city with all the latest brands, we believe in providing the top most eye optics for our customers that best fits in your budget. Being established since 1990 we have maintained our customer relationship by giving the best service to the customers.

We have discount offer been avail on the prescribed lenses by giving 50 % on the other optical purchasing from Kanda Optical. Being in the market of service providing for eye care we have been to able to locate our stores at all possible location for more convenience of our customers. We at Kanda Optical are having the well experienced and well educated staff who take care of the customer requirements and serve with the best eye wear that suit their personality and give them a look that satisfy the customer with clear vision.

Kanda optical is having more then 31 branded products in eye frames, sunglasses, lenses and many more before providing the product to the customer our staff analyses by conducting certain tests so that the vision is been made more clear and a better service is been rendered.

We are known even franchising our development through the GTA , we have been succeeding even in establishing strong clientele relationship. We make it easy for our investors and franchiser to get set with all possible resources that are essential to start with the Store, we make our franchiser to get the experience of the entrepreneur. We have our distributors located at various locations delivering the requirements of our customers and client’s without approaching the third party.

We are already being running with 10 stores in the city along with a centrally located Kanda Optical Laboratory, where we even make appointments available for various tests for the patients. At our laboratory we have all the latest technology where you get the analyzed report of your vision so that your product is delivered that gets you a clear vision.

Basically there are variety of frames, sunglasses, lenses etc does has different shades so we at kanda optical consider this shade as per your looks and the sustaining capacity of your eyes. We have kept ourself with the learning and implementation of new technology that is been used in checking the eye”s so that while rendering the service we don”t face any kind situation that could bother you from purchasing the right glasses , frames etc all this service is been rendered in very less span of time. Our Stores are been located in the places where in it will be easy for our customers to walk in and pick the best eye wear’s. Quality provided by us does last for a long time is been proved with a positive feedback from the existing customers.

Making our customers visit again when it comes to optical eye wear”s.

Franchise Business In India_1_2_3_4

With the advent of global players in the arena the whole perception of the business has changed. Franchising business has become a trendy business formula these days and is gaining strong grip in India. We can claim that it would be the wave of future business in the country.

Franchising is the practice of doing business involves the use by a person (franchisee) pursuant to a license of another persons (franchisor) business model, name, image and business identity along with his confidential know-how to make use of intangible assets in a particular territory for a specified period with or without assured financial return to the franchiser. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain.

This model of business works best in businesses with a good track record of profitability and businesses which can be easily duplicated.
Though franchising business in India has witnessed impressive growth of around 30-35 percent over the last 4-5 years with an estimated annual turnover of $ 4 billion, this is a mere fraction of the potential that India can offer. According to the estimates of the Indian Franchise Association, there would be at least 50,000 franchises in the Indian market in next five years.
India is one of the biggest franchising markets because of its large middle-class of 300 million who are not reticent on spending and because the population is entrepreneurial in character.

A huge consumer base of over a billion people including a flourishing class of urban consumers having substantial disposable income with quality and brand awareness is instrumental in attracting foreign enterprises to the country. A good number of international players are planning to enter the fast growing franchising market in India.

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